1 hour from Puntaldia

Puntaldia is an ideal starting point for day trips.
It is surrounded by lush green land, overlooking beaches, archipelagos, and coves to the north, from Capo Coda Cavallo to the Costa Smeralda.
The inland area is rich in important archaeological sites such as the nuragic sanctuary of Cabu Abbas, the castle of Pedres, and the "tombs of the giants" in the territory of Arzachena, as well as beautiful natural parks.


Our Packages

We offer various routes designed for everyone, to be experienced with a guide or independently, located about an hour's drive from the resort.
Explore cities, churches, and castles, discover lesser-known villages, and embark on nature adventures.

  • Marine Path
  • Adventure Path
  • Archaeological Path
  • Food and Wine Path
  • Artisan Shops Path
  • Literary Path

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